Wild in Art

Wild in Art is a leading creative producer of spectacular, mass appeal public art events that bring together businesses and creative sectors, with schools and local
communities through the power of creativity and innovation.

Since 2008 Wild in Art events have:
• Enabled over £10m to be raised for charitable causes.
• Injected £1.7m into local creative communities.
• Engaged over 500,000 young people in learning programmes.
• Helped millions of people of all ages to experience art in non-traditional settings.

We are very excited to be working with our event partners to bring Oor Wullie artworks to the streets and public spaces of five cities in Scotland in the summer of 2019.

Oor Wullie’s BIG Bucket Trail will see artists, young people and communities come together with businesses to showcase Scotland’s creativity, its heritage and spirit of fun.


DC Thomson Media

DC Thomson Media, its brands and characters, have been at the heart of everyday life for generations. We are passionate about our readers and their communities and know what matters to them.

Since appearing in the Sunday Post over 80 years ago, Oor Wullie has become a much loved part of Scottish Heritage.

He’s the iconic wee Scottish laddie from the fictional town of Auchenshoogle, and some say the image of Wullie sitting on his upturned bucket, wearing his famous black dungarees is as familiar to Scots as Edinburgh Castle!

Oor Wullie is so loved by the Scottish nation that in a survey conducted in 2004 the young scamp was voted ‘Scotland’s Favourite Son’, beating William Wallace and Sean Connery into second and 3rd places, with Rabbie Burns a distant 4th!

Arnold Clark – National Sponsor

A wee bit like Oor Wullie, the Arnold Clark Group started from humble beginnings and has grown to become a household name. Since opening our first showroom in Glasgow’s Park Road in 1954, we’re now Europe’s largest independently owned car retailer, selling over 300,000 cars a year. Jings, if that’s no an awfy lot o’ happy customers! And it’s not just about selling cars. From servicing and parts to providing home insurance, training and fleet management, we provide the full motoring package. And it’s a’ thanks to our 12,500 employees, every one of whom plays a valuable role in our continued success, which is founded on placing customer experience at the heart of every venture.

We couldn’t be prouder to be partnering with the famed Oor Wullie Bucket Trail this year, and we’re so happy to have unveiled our very own statues!


Avian – Design Partner

Avian is a leading graphic design and brand consultancy.

Our job is to make brands stand out. Look, sound, even taste a little different. We work with clients to reposition or refresh their brand, reinvigorating their communications collateral with inspired creative thinking and our considerable experience in brand strategy, brand development and brand experience.

More of the same is dull. Different is refreshing.