Alongside the main trail are a set of mini sculptures for schools, nurseries and clubs to decorate. These form part of a wider education programme which focuses on the themes of art, citizenship, communities, and positive mental and physical health.

Over the summer these sculptures will be displayed in community locations such as libraries and community centres, and once the trail is over they will be returned to the school as a permanent memento of their involvement in the trail.

The benefits:

  • Showcase pupils creativity with a mini Oor Wullie sculpture which will belong to each school at the end of the trail
  • Unite the community by bringing together local schools to create a free sculpture trail which is accessible to all
  • Celebrate Scotland’s heritage with a fun Oor Wullie themed cross-curricular education pack which complements key stage learning in numerous subjects
  • Raise the profile of the school at a national level with inclusion on the Oor Wullie’s Big Bucket Trail website and the official trail map
  • Invest in local children and support the work of Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity, Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity and The ARCHIE Foundation