Balach Cluaran

The Scottish Thistle has been a proud emblem of the country since the 15th century. Balach Cluaran - translated as ‘Thistle Boy’ in Gaelic - sees Scotland’s oldest wee boy transformed into the National Flower. Steeped in rich history, there are several legends surrounding the Scottish Thistle and this design draws refence to the Green Man figures from folklore. His arms and legs are entwined with the thorny leaves and his face is the prickly, purple-flowered head. He sits astride a terracotta plant pot and is abuzz with bees, ladybirds and snails from the garden.

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Donna Newman

Donna Newman is a freelance Mural Artist. Predominantly working in Schools across the Midlands, she seeks to inspire young people by transforming their learning environments with her vibrant artwork. She is also an experienced painter of sculpture trails working closely with Wild in Art on several commissions. Working in numerous locations and on various surfaces, Donna is an extremely versatile artist who brings colour and life through her art.