Choose Life

“Choose life” and embrace all it has to offer. This design was inspired by the character of Mark Renton from Irvine Welsh’s novel ‘Trainspotting’. Wullie is transformed into Mark Renton who is enjoying a laugh amongst the Scottish heather after being given a second chance for a brighter future.

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Mandii Pope

Kiwi born, London-based artist Mandii Pope specialises in a variety of styles; Cityscapes, Beach Landscapes, Pop Art Portraits, Fantasy Art, Spin Art, Contemporary, Abstract, Kiwiana, Nudes, Illustration, 3D Sculpture, Circular Canvas, Flow/Fluid Art. Mandii has completed 27 public art sculptures to date for various charities around the globe and conducted live art with royalty for charity events. She was a finalist in the NZ Society UK New Zealander of the year 2016 from raising £100K for charity. Mandii managed the Landmark Plc Art Collection in London, and is currently Co-Director of The Dragon Gallery.