Haud Yer Wheesht Oor Wullie

This Oor Wullie design was created for the public to interact with. There are simple Makaton symbols all over the statue and a well-known song that visitors can learn. The bright clown-like colours were used to make him look bright and friendly. This design was created to help raise more awareness of Makaton. Please tag @hywheesht on instagam with pictures of you with Oor Wullie, doing the Makaton signs.

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Cheryl Reid

Previously worked as a graphic designer for 18 years and then changed career to work as an Early Childhood Practitioner. Working in a nursery makes you aware of how language and speech, or lack of, can affect children and their behaviour hugely. Using Makaton can help bridge this gap and lets them communicate with others without getting frustrated. Makaton is a simplified sign language for both children and adults to pick up and use.