O'er The Heathery Braes

O’er The Heathery Braes was inspired by the beauty of the Scottish landscape, the beautiful colours, the heather, the wildlife and the amazing forests that we have here in Scotland. The colours which adorn Oor Wullie were inspired by the breathtaking sunrises.

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Erin Michele O'Shaughnessy

Erin is a Glaswegian scientist/amateur artist. Painting is her passion, her way of relieving stress and a way to express her creative side. She has an abstract style that uses acrylic paint to paint woodland scenes that often feature Scottish wildlife such as stags and highland cows. She enjoys using bright colours and iridescent tones that capture the light, bringing a sense of life to her paintings. Her paintings are all about fun, life and happiness. It is her wish to inspire joy with her works of art.