Oor Countryside

This design was inspired by the Artists daughter, Zoë, age 7, who is happiest when exploring the great outdoors - whether playing in her mud pie kitchen, searching for ladybirds or eating berries straight from the fruit bushes and trees in her garden. In addition, her daughter loves animals and was recently delighted to watch a farmer help a sheep give birth to two lambs. Finally, Annie feels that, in a world surrounded by IT devices and computers, it is important to encourage our children to slow down and connect with everything ‘Oor Countryside’ can offer.

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Annie Grant

Annie Grant is an emerging local artist who uses many mediums; however, she is best known for her watercolour pieces. Annie mostly paints the wide variety of plants, flowers and wildlife found throughout the North-East of Scotland – from across our mixed natural landscapes to our domestic gardens. Annie has a very delicate botanical style which skilfully captures the light, elegance and beauty of the natural world.