Oor Gater Wullie

The Saltersgate 'Oor Wullie' was designed by S4 pupil Dillon Young from Harris Class. Saltersgate is a Special Needs School and as such a core value is inclusion. As Oor Wullie travels around the primary and secondary classes, every pupil has had the opportunity to meet Oor Wullie and to add to his design. Pupils all contributed to decorating the surface of the sculpture using a mark, drawing, scribble, line and text. Pupils used the colours from Dillon's design of orange and red as the layers of marks built up. Dillon was also the first person to draw on the sculpture and start the process! As pupils were adding to the sculpture we photographed them and documented the way the sculpture developed. The final piece is therefore both the sculpture but also the photographic record of the fun we've had making it!


Saltersgate School