Oor Legends

Discover legends on your doorstep! Have you ever seen a Selkie? Come face to face with a fearsome Kelpie? Stumbled across Jock o’ Bennachie? Oor Legends invites you to explore the Scottish landscape in search of hidden tales across the Big Bucket Trail cities and beyond. Amongst the stunning scenery of the mountains, waterfalls and glens lurk enchanting creatures you’d never think to meet – and some you wouldn’t want to! Magic is alive in Scotland… if you know where to look! Discover the legends for yourself at Charlie's website.

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Charlie Dear

Charlie Dear is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Aberdeen. Inspired by folklore, legends and fairy tales, Charlie adores Scottish heritage and seeks to bring hidden stories to life through her work. She has a passion for illustrating children's books and enjoys creating charming, vibrant illustrations that make people smile.