Oor Pete

Here we have Oor Wullie dressed as Peter Pan. His dungarees are made from leaves, like the original illustrations by Arthur Rackham. He has a back pocket to keep Tinkerbell and her magic safe. The other back pocket is for a slingshot with which he catapults wishes and dreams to anyone that needs them. In his bib pocket Oor Pete carries a telescope, to look to the future. Or is it to look for Captain Hook? You can see Peter flying through the night sky, over the rooftops, as children sleep and dream.

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Maureen Crosbie

Maureen Crosbie is an artist living and working in Kirriemuir. As a stained glass artist she trades as Gallus Glass, working on private and public commissions and regularly exhibiting around Scotland. As a mosaic artist, her public art work can be seen throughout Angus. Maureen was previously involved in the Dundee Penguin Parade.