Oor Rabbie Rides Again

Here Oor Wullie becomes the Scottish legend Tam O’ Shanter. Dressed in his tartan dungarees, Tam is covered in patches which use words and images from the poem by Robert Burns. He is seen here riding on his bucket with the head of his trusty mare Maggie at the front and the face of his ‘sulky sullen’ wife Kate at the rear. The character of Tam himself - being a cheeky, cheery, trusty scoundrel with a romantic soul and a wee bit of the devil about him - is not so different from that of Oor Dundee heartthrob.

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Susan McGill

Susan McGill is a ceramic artist and designer who works from her home in Fife. Her hand painted black and white designs are influenced by family life, tradition, nostalgia and her love of the Scots language. Susan’s work is both functional and decorative so it can carry Scottish verse to the kitchen table at the heart of the family.