Oor Ratho

Our design incorporates a book resting on Wullie’s head to signify our school’s love of reading and his hair is styled like the globe with people linking hands across it to show that we are global citizens here at Ratho Primary School. Wullie's shirt is covered in trees and flowers and his boots are muddy as the children love learning outdoors and the pocket on his dungarees is adorned in a tartan made from a combination of our school house colours. His dungarees are varying shades of blue which represent the canal that runs through our village. The back of his dungarees have boulders fixed to them like our climbing walls at the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena. Wullie has a lion’s tail to signify that our children feel brave and strong like a lion and he sits on top of a bucket with our school values on the back and our school vision of ‘A Curious, Creative Community’.


Ratho Primary School