Seabird Spotting

Seabird Spotting is a celebration of Scottish seabirds and Scotland’s Coast. Oor Wullie has become a sea cliff that supports the birds living there. Sea birds nest on him, fly round him and feed in the waters around his feet. Look at the back of his bucket for a list of the different sea birds and fish that can be found on the sculpture. Can you spot them all?

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Hannah Sanguinetti

Hannah Sanguinetti is an Edinburgh-based children's author/illustrator and doll-maker. Heavily influenced by textile crafts and with a colourful quirky style, Hannah's doll-making skills often spill over into her illustration. Birds, animals and the natural world are some of Hannah's favourite subjects to draw, and at weekends she can often be found out walking with her family, sketchbook in hand. Hannah has recently been awarded the Moniack Mhor Writing for Children award 2018, and the Margaret Carey Scholarship for Illustration 2018.