Whars Wullie 2.0

The beautiful irony of vibrant camouflage makes this Wullie stand out, not blend in. Working from his original colour scheme, This Wullie dons a collection of camo prints throughout his clothing, bucket and even his hair. But hidden within this camouflaged Wullie are a number of Wullie's silhouettes. How many can you find?

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Blair McCafferty - Creature Emporium

Blair McCafferty aka. Creature Emporium, is sure to bring a smile to your face. With a vibrant, colourful and unique style, the creations that come from the Emporium vary from original custom pieces, illustrated canvases to painted broken skateboard artworks. Along with hosting art classes and being a proficient graphic designer, Blair often works on comissioned artwork for companies across the globe. Go check out the Creature Emporium!