Wullie Doodle

The piece took eight hours to complete, Mr Doodle enjoyed every part and was very happy that people came to see him doodle live! The doodles include various depictions of some of Mr Doodle's signature black and white characters, such as robots, aliens and even Mr Doodle himself is hidden in the design too. Oor Wullie also makes an appearance in the doodles, can you spot him?

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Mr Doodle

Mr Doodle is very excited to have doodled this Oor Wullie sculpture. The doodler had never visited Dundee before but was very happy to see this part of Scotland to have the chance to doodle over this very iconic cartoon character. Comics and cartoons were one of Mr Doodle's most big inspirations as a child, so to doodle over one was a great honour.