Wullie Goes Swummin' Wae The Fishies

From coral reef damage to marine species drowning in plastic, our oceans are under threat. If statistics are anything to go by, by 2050 there could be no fish left in the ocean. Kym wants everyone to care about the future of the marine life painted on this statue and for it to inspire a change in our lifestyle choices. She wants kids to be able to point out the different species painted here and for those species to still be here in 30 years. She wants to create something beautiful, inspiring and a wee bit FUN! So she’s taken Wullie swummin' wae the fishies to see if he can help us oot! “Oor Wullie, Your Wullie, A’bodys Wullie - Oor Planet, Your Planet, A’bodys Planet!”

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Kym Parker - aka Ellie Oskar

Kym has a background in Textile Design and has a love for all things decorative and a very keen eye for detail! Her style is highly intricate and she works with fine liner pens to create unique illustrations of just about anything, that she fills with the doodles and patterns that litter her mind. There's nothing quite like the start (and finish) of one of her masterpieces!